Script for Works

Lock-in for Works



IRCAM Works is a comprehensive software for infrared imaging applications. The intuitive single-window graphical user interface (GUI) gives quick access to all important information and functionalities. IRCAM Works allows a comfortable configuration and control of IRCAM infrared cameras and the capture, display, saving, loading and evaluation of IR images. The innovative image manager, a tree-structure tool, is used for administration of live and acquired images, sequences and NUC data.

IRCAM Works also provides a framework for optional modular extensions which are integrated seamlessly and fully associatively: “Script for Works” and “Lock-in for Works”. These functional extensions make IRCAM Works a powerful, flexible and comprehensive all-in-one solution in all fields of quantitative infrared imaging.

Camera control and image acquisition

  • Control of all functions of IRCAM cameras (integration time, windowing, trigger, frame rate, filter wheel, motor focus)
  • Support for Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and CoaXPress interfaces
  • Simultaneous multiple camera operation in one program
  • Lossless image data acquisition
  • MIO: Frame-synchronous recording of external analog signals
  • MIO: Generation of trigger and lock-in reference signals
  • MIO: Sync and trigger input

Processing and display of images

  • Real-time non-uniformity correction (NUC): offset NUC (1-point-NUC) & linear NUC (2-point NUC)
  • NUC refresh
  • Individual real-time NUC for each filter (automatically applied)
  • NUC postprocessing
  • NUC saving and loading
  • Bad pixel replacement (BPR)
  • NUC BPR editor
  • Software windowing (cropping of live images)
  • Live image display (corrected and uncorrected)
  • Multiple image view (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 images)
  • Full-screen display on second monitor
  • „Magnifier“ for detail view
  • Image scaling tool (contrast / brightness)
  • Histogram function
  • Auto contrast, auto brightness
  • Selection of color palettes (unlimited number)
  • Color palettes editor
  • Image-attached color palette and scale
  • Image zoom: continuous
  • Image rotation, image mirroring
  • Display of text information in the image
  • Linear temperature rescaling with 2 reference temperatures
  • Look-up table: generation and application of LUT calibration
  • 3D image display
  • One image display per filter in synchronous filter wheel mode
  • Display of pixel coordinates and value in the status bar
  • Image overlay of images of two different wavelengths (dual-band IR and dual-color IR cameras only)

Recording and playback

  • Recording, editing, saving and loading of single images and sequences (14 bit, corrected and uncorrected)
  • Simultaneous recording for several cameras
  • Image manager for organization of images, sequences and reference images
  • Sequence recording parameters: Frame averaging, image skipping, single frame triggering
  • Video recorder-like operation with trackbar: replay, stop, forward, reverse, single step, cut
  • Metadata editor for access to all important additional image information (camera / recording parameters, comments …)
  • HDD/SSD Recording: lossless, uncompressed recording of IR sequences directly to non-volatile memory
  • Post-Trigger: delayed triggering of a sequence recording

Data export

  • Export of images as 8-bit bitmaps (.bmp, .png, .tif, .jpg)
  • Export of images as 16-bit bitmaps (.png, .tif)
  • Export of images as 32-bit bitmaps (.tif)
  • Export of sequences as video (.avi)
  • Export of images as ASCII (with or without pixel coordinates)
  • Export of images in binary format (integer 16 bit, floating point 32 bit)
  • Export of color palettes as bitmaps
  • Export of images to the clipboard


  • ROI: regions of interest (rectangular, circular, elliptical and free-form) (unlimited number)
  • ROI: several properties of ROI as chart
  • ROI: table with average value, minimum value, maximum value, standard deviation, coordinates
  • ROI: time bar in chart
  • ROI masking-tool: masking-out pixels outside the ROI
  • LOI: lines of interest (unlimited number)
  • LOI: display of temporal changes in 2D („waterfall“ display)
  • POI: points of interest (unlimited number)
  • POI: automatic detection of the maximum pixel value (hot spot)
  • Saving and loading of ROI, LOI, POI
  • Saving and loading of ROI masks
  • Export of ROI, POI and LOI as tables (ASCII) and graphs (.emf)

Measurement of temperature and radiation

  • Measurement of temperature and radiance (W/m2∙sr)
  • Emissivity correction
  • Emissivity editor
  • Setting of ambient temperature (reflected temperature)
  • Atmosphere influence correction
  • Detector overload notification
  • User calibration: Fine-tuning of factory calibration by user


  • Integrated, context-sensitive help
  • Reference manual
  • Description of data formats (image data and meta data)

Script for Works

Software extension for “IRCAM Works” for programming of automatic configurations, measurements, evaluation and processing. The script language uses over 200 commands (and continuously growing).

Scripting functionality

  • Camera control
  • Image acquisition
  • Image management
  • Image processing
  • Automation
  • Reading and writing of files
  • GUI interaction

Script editor

  • Creation, editing, loading and saving
  • Runtime variable inspector
  • Command selection menu
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Inline edit help
  • Quick access to scripts via buttons or dropdown script list

Script examples

  • Summation, subtraction, multiplication and division of IR images and IR sequences
  • Creation of measurement reports
  • Automatic start-up IR camera configuration

Lock-in for Works

Software extension for “IRCAM Works” for measurement and evaluation using lock-in technology


  • Real-time evaluation and display of results
  • Postprocessing evaluation
  • Generation of trigger signals by IR camera (via MIO interface)
  • Arbitrary excitation frequencies
  • Unlimited measurement time
  • Various correlation functions
  • Results: amplitude image, phase image, IR image, 0° image, 90° image
  • Measurement reports
  • Automation of lock-in measurements possible with software extension “Script for Works”
  • Control of “IRCAM Signal Generator”
  • Blending of result images with IR image


Software library for several programming environments. For the control of IR cameras, image acquisition, image processing, temperature and radiation measurement. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 und 10. The IRCAM SDK comes with

  • IRCAM API (C++, C#, Delphi), 32 Bit and 64 Bit version
  • Python Wrapper
  • IRCAM LabVIEW Toolkit
  • IRCAM MATLAB Interface
  • Comprehensive documentation with code examples

Control of the IR camera

  • Control of image sensor parameters (integration time, windowing, pixel clock, …)
  • Control of motor focus
  • Control of filter wheel

Image acquisition and processing

  • Support of Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 interfaces
  • Simultaneous multiple camera operation
  • Lossless image data acquisition
  • Real time non-uniformity correction (offset and linear NUC)
  • Bad pixel replacement
  • Extraction of metadata (Image number, time stamp, for cameras with MIO interface; e.g. A/D values, MIO counter values, …)

Temperature and radiation measurement

  • Conversion of camera raw values into temperature values
  • Input of emissivity
  • Input of ambient temperature (reflected temperature)
  • Automatic compensation of camera and lens temperature